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If you’re in the local woods giving that busty woman a good seeing to against a tree, have a look around because it seems it’s not just humans who like to go dogging. Other worldly beings known as Fairies have been seen turning up when people have been having sex outdoors, according to a new book by Dr Simon Young called, “Magical Folk – In Britain, Ireland and Overseas”. A young couple who were having sex against a tree suddenly found themselves surrounded by fairies as they took an interest, in an encounter which could be described as supernatural dogging. One couple described an “amorphous greyish shape” that turned into two female fairies, each about three and a half to four feet tall. One with long blonde hair, one with long black hair. In another encounter two beautiful, lithe, otherworldly, females appeared, and were dancing facing each other, smiling and laughing. People who encountered British and Irish fairies reported that they were angry (particularly Essex and Scotland) and mischievous. Some respondents reported that their encounters were sexually and erotically charged (Essex, Hampshire and Somerset).


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