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Gog Magog Dogging

UK Dogging

Dogging at Gog Magog near Cambridge

The weather over the weekend had been great so the wife and I decided to get out of Cambridge and go dogging. Lilly came down the stairs wearing a black knee length coat and boots, she’s a curvy UK size 14 with big 36DD breasts and her cunt is fully shaven. We drove around a few local spots but not much was happening until we got to a beauty spot called Gog Magog, just outside Cambridge. There were a few cars parked up with blokes sat waiting. We pulled over to the far corner where Lilly undid her coat exposing her big suckable tits. I was a bit surprised when she took it off and threw it onto the back seat leaving herself nude and looking very horny. I put the light on in the car for a few seconds to attract some attention and soon one of the guys was on his way over to us. As he approached, Lilly started playing with her pussy with one hand and teasing a nipple with the other. As the guy came up to the car I let her window down so he could feel her tits which he took no time in doing, she was loving it and getting very turned on, but so was I. She reached out and rubbed his cock through his jeans, looking for the zip to get it out. When I heard the zip come down I got so very hard. I told her it would be easier if she opened the door, so she did. There she was naked but for the black boots, sitting half out of the car wanking this stranger off before she lent over and took his hard dick in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down on him as she sucked him. It didn’t take long for him to say he was cumming so she stopped sucking him and wanked him off over her tits. His cum shot all over them. He thanked us and said we saved him £50 as he had intended to go to the red light district in Cambridge if he couldn’t get any Dogging Action that night. Lilly turned back to me and I could see her tits covered in his spunk.
She was running her fingers through it rubbing it on her nipples which I found really horny. I noticed another guy with a nice cock out watching us, Lilly called him over and unzipped him too and started wanking his nice stiff cock. She then started to give him a blowjob as I played with her spunky tits. Lilly stopped sucking him and asked him if he’d like to fuck her doggy style and bareback too. Of course he agreed. She got out of the car and walked naked over to a wooden picnic bench and bent over it, her curvy backside stuck in the air. He rubbed his bare cock up and down her very wet slit before slowly slipping it inside in one long thrust. He stayed like that for a little while feeling her heat then took hold of her hips and fucked her deep and hard until he unloaded his spunk up her. As he was fucking her another guy was watching. I called him over to get a better view. When the first guy had finished fucking her I told him to take over if he wanted to. He soon had his cock up my wifes sloppy pussy, giving her a fast hard fucking before he too shot his load up her. There was no one else around so I decided to fuck her right there and then. Her cunt felt amazing with two loads of spunk in it already and I soon made it three. If anyone unsuspecting had come by they’d have been agog at the dogging at Gog Magog.



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