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I like to watch a lot of porn and often come across Dogging Videos and wondered what it would be like to go dogging. I wasn’t sure about it because some of the women they use are total pigs. I mean if they can’t pay to get a good looking slut what are the chances you will find a decent looking piece of pussy doing it for free. Anyway, three weeks ago I came across a website that had some Hertfordshire Dogging Locations listed, that’s where I live, in Watford actually. So I took a look at what Dogging in Watford could be like. There were quite a few places listed:

Bishops Stortford – Hatfield Forest car park.

Hatfield – Galleria car park.

St. Albans – No Man’s Land Common on the main road between St. Albans and Wheathampstead. Some Gay action going on here too.

Baldock – Weston hills car park.

Broxbourne – Baas Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Turn left into what looks like a picnic area. Then follow the dirt road to a dead end with an open field in front of you. To your right there is a small wooded area. Wank mags sometime litter the floor. Good place to have a wank. Dogging also takes place as does mutual wank sessions.

Digswell Car Park – On B1000 just before the viaduct, as you drive towards Welwyn village park opposite. The car park is busy after dark.

Harpenden – Kennel Lane in Kinsbourne Green, off the A1081 between Harpenden and Luton. Several pull outs along this tree lined and discreet lane.

Hertford – Foxholes Industrial estate, behind Beltech. Also opposite Tesco confectionary shop on Ware Road. Car Park at rear, straight women needed.

Nutleigh grove Hitchin – Any time day and night you will find plenty of couples. Gay action also at weekends.

Royston heath – The car park at the sports club at the bottom.

St. Albans Station car park – Ridgmont Road, off Victoria Street. End furthest away from the station is very quiet, Dogging Action here after dark.

Stevenage – Fairlands valley lake car park. Lot of action happening almost every night after 10pm. Lot of dogging on picnic tables. Also North Road. A Gym called “Active 4 Less” The car park is empty at night and hidden. No barriers to stop you getting in and there are discreet areas of the car park.

Watford – Accommodation Road down the side of Watford football club, at the bottom by the ticket office usually busy on Sunday night after about 9.30pm

I went along to watch the Watford match and kept an eye out, went outside pretending to make a phone call and saw a few others looking a bit shifty, but I had to wait a while for any pussy to arrive. When the busty woman arrived a few blokes moved over to a car, a few others stayed back and just had a wank, I thought I might have a try at fucking her if I could but the slut was only doing hand jobs and a quick suck. She was pretty good looking, about 24 or 25, big tits, short blond hair and a few tattoos. I saw two guys who I think came with her looking all proud when she was squatting down showing her cunt to the guys. In the end I got a twenty second blowjob and a good wank right into her mouth. Had another wank after when one of the lads that had brought the slut fucked her from behind, he pulled out for a bit and me and another guy had a go at fingering her twat. After that we all left and I got the bus home.



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