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Sheffield Dogging Under Surveillance

Those people of a certain age may remember an Australian TV series called “Chopper Squad”, it was about a helicopter rescue crew on the coast. So what has that got to do with dogging you ask ? Well Chopper Squad has come to rural Sheffield. No, it’s not a bunch of guys with massive dicks calling themselves the chopper squad. A 48 year old police constable called Adrian Pogmore has been flying over dogging spots while out on patrol and using the thermal imaging cameras to film dirty doggers having sex. He then recorded these events and took the content home to watch later. He filmed the footage back in 2008 while on operational duty.
Can’t blame him I suppose, who wouldn’t want to cop an eyeful of people having sex if they came across it. What will it be next, taking sexy ladies up in your chopper to give you a blowjob whilst on duty ? In fact having sex in a helicopter, if anybody can think of a good name for that, drop us a comment or email or better still tell the millions of members at Dogging Action, Europes biggest free dogging website, a strictly no police helicopter zone.



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