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Peaches Delight Goes Dogging

I checked out some Dogging movies the other day and came across a really horny busty MILF called Peaches Delight. She was dressed in a tight black skirt and white shirt with her massive tits busting out. This raven haired hottie reminded me of a woman that worked at my old place about 6 years ago. I’d just moved into a new department at this market research firm, it was packed with fit women in short skirts or tight trousers, wiggling their cute asses as they walked around the office. It was oggle central for us guys, one guy sat opposite me, Brynn pointed out this woman (who looks very similar to Peaches Delight) we’ll call her Christa. He said……”hey you see her, Christa, with the big tits, she likes to go dogging“. He went onto tell me that it was well known in the office she would often stop off at the local dogging spot  on her way home and suck off  a few guys. To be honest I thought Brynn was winding me up but he swore blind it was true and that he would prove it. A couple of days later it was nice and sunny and as we left work Brynn pointed over to Christa getting into her car, he suggested we take my car and follow Christa. We go onto the ring road, I was just a couple of vehicles behind Christa’s car, we went right around the ring road, onto a B road that headed east out of the city, she pulled into a quiet car park surrounded by trees and grassy mounds. We drove further down the road, pulled up and headed back to the car park on foot, making sure we were hidden by trees and mounds. Would you believe it, Brynn was right, there was Christa surrounded by about 4 or 5 guys frantically wanking their cocks and sucking on them. It was one of the horniest things I’d ever seen, I got a hard on pretty quick and I looked at Brynn and we said “fuck it” we got our dicks out and started wanking off as we watched and listened to Christa give these total strangers blow jobs. For nearly a full 30 minutes Christa took it in turns to finish off each guy, sometimes they came on her tits, one time she swallowed the lot, but they all came. Me and Brynn were behind a grassy knoll and could hear everything as the wind was in our favour. We couldn’t hold off much longer, as Christa was doing the final guy I shot my load all over my hand and Brynn did too pretty soon after. We lay there covered in spunk, keeping our heads down, we had to let Christa and the others go first otherwise we would be spotted leaving. As Christa got into her car, she paused, looked around, then shouted out…. “bye Brynn bye Stephen, see you in work tomorrow”…..Oh shit



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