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Does anybody know if there are any tgirl dogging locations in the UK ? Me neither, can’t say I’ve particularly heard of any. I just came across a great porn website called “Shemales in Public” the name speaks for itself really, it’s transsexuals getting fucked in public. It totally reminds me of a trip to Brazil in 2008, there are certain areas, usually on the outskirts of major cities where you can drive along semi rural roads and see loads of very sexy tgirls hooking. You just pull up, pay them and go off into the bushes for a quickie, sometimes other punters will come along and watch too. What’s this if it isn’t a form of dogging ? Yes there’s money involved but you’re not exactly paying for a night in The Ritz, more like a pint of beer in the UK. There are thousands upon thousands of transsexuals in Brazil and the vast majority look pretty damn hot. You’re more likely to be chatting to a TS than a female. It’s a whole different ball game over here, it must be quite daunting to go out dogging as a TS, if you hit the wrong crowd and they happen to be transphobic. So you need to find all the “definite transsexual dogging locations” by joining a site like Dogging Action. Alternatively you could try a more mainstream type of TS Dating by joining a regular dating website that caters for transsexuals such as Tgirl Heaven



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